Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Massive Font

My latest school project was to create my own personal font. I hand drew my font, scanned it and then recreated it in Adobe Illustrator. I have both upper and lowercase in regular and bold. I created numbers and punctuation as-well. Only problem I have is that we are suppose to research and find out how to upload it onto the web for others to use. I for some reason can not find a basic way to do this without downloading some type of program. 

I call my font Massive. The reason behind this name is to me this font just jumps out at you and edgy. It feels rough and artistic. It looks and feels hand drawn, which it was in the beginning. Tell me what you think about the font. Do you think it is useable for books and other layouts or do you feel it can only be used in some artistic form such as posters or paintings?