Monday, April 27, 2009

Mobile Web Viewing

This is more of a question. I know that you have to adjust your code in HTML and CSS to adapt a website for mobile devices, but from what I see , at least on my PDA you can still get most of the original website minus some flash and video. There are options to have the site fit in one column and you lose allot of the visual content. Are these adjustments to your CSS and HTML or is it something the mobile web browser does for you?

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  1. Good question. I know that with Device Central in the Adobe Creative Suite you can view how your image will look in various mobile devices, but since I am old and half-blind I haven't explored the medium. I'm glad you asked the question, because it helped remind me that just because I don't want to view sites on small displays, doesn't mean that my clients or their client's don't want to. I need to examine my own design process now.

    By the way, when you find the answer, blog on it for us, so we can all learn.

    Greg Williams