Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"Plagiarism" by Chris Mock 04/01/2009
To the tune of "Folsum Prison" by Johnny Cash
All Credit given to Johnny Cash
Song written for school project, not for recording purposes.

"Plagiarism. I wrote a song about. Like to hear it? Here it goes..."

I hear the police a comen
Their rollen round the bend
Their taking my computer
I'll never see it again

I was busted for plagiarism
Yes I am going down
My head keeps a achen
Within this cell I'm bound

When I was just a young one
My professor told me son
Don't copy others material
Your loading your own gun

But I did not want to listen
Who would surley know
Copyright Infringement
They say it is time to go

Make sure you read agreements
You never know for sure
The material you are using
May not even be yours

Well I thought I could sell it
But I was very wrong
One minute cash in my hand
the next it is gone

Looking back to what I did
I would make things right
I would not steal from others
I would of learned to write

I was busted for plagiarism
I sit in a cold cold cell
My head keeps a achen
This is a living hell


  1. I like this cant wait to hear the rest.

  2. Sounds interesting. Not sure that you have all your terms correct, but the essence is good.

  3. i like your song it gives a good insight into what copy right infringement is about and it also has a good jingle to catch peoples attention and want to hear more of it.

  4. Watching you and your group perform this song in class was completely priceless. I like the creativity and thought that went into the project. Good job!